accidents will happen

michael mauboussin:

Humans have a deep desire to understand cause and effect, as such links probably conferred humans with evolutionary advantage. In complex adaptive systems, there is no simple method for understanding the whole by studying the parts, so searching for simple agent-level causes of system-level effects is useless. Yet our minds are not beyond making up a cause to relieve the itch of an unexplained effect. When a mind seeking links between cause and effect meets a system that conceals them, accidents will happen.


douglas coupland:

Sabishii is when you look at a restaurant from outside but there’s nobody in it, which is kind of depressing, so you don’t go in . . . which reinforces the restaurant’s sabishiiness, and soon the restaurant goes out of business.

we need the marginal

the quays:

“We need the marginal. Whenever we’re reading a book, if it’s a research book, we always find that it’s the footnotes that open up new chapters of imagination.”

it’s the month of the hungry ghost

Hungry ghost month. #singaporelife #hungryghost

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and then recognize their freedom to write the other half

Antanas Mockus:

“(politics) is about leading, but not directing: What people love most is when you write on the blackboard a risky first half of a sentence and then recognize their freedom to write the other half.”

and then we move on


Her advice to adults offended by the children’s literature that is staying on the shelves:

When your child at four years old picks up a book that they probably couldn’t read and says, ‘Mama, I don’t understand this.’ Let me tell you how I answer that. ‘Well, honey, some of us live differently than others.’ And then we move on.

we are very careful to not say

ben goldacre:

In medicine, we are very careful to not say ‘a schizophrenic’, we say, ‘a person with schizophrenia’.