to butter or not to butter


For most burns, the general advice instead is to remove any clothing and jewellery touching the burn, then to run your burn under the tap for a lot longer than you think – at least 20 minutes. This prevents the skin from continuing to burn, as well as helping to numb the area.


for not cringing from what I look like

Heard on Adam Grant’s podcast.

Kiran: I called my wife on my way home and said this happened, they put up the list of the worst managers at Bridgewater and I was number one. And I had an amazing, energizing day … And it felt great. And she said, “That’s wonderful, Kiran, I’m proud of you.”

Adam Grant: She said she was proud of you? For being the worst manager at Bridgewater?

Kiran: No, for looking in the mirror, for not cringing from what I look like, for being able to see reality for what it is.

but i like my room


A new paper authored by a team of Italian researchers, physicists Alessandro Pluchino and Andrea Raspisarda and economist Alessio Biondo, used a computer simulation of success defined by financial wealth to show that the most successful people in the world aren’t necessarily the most talented. They are the luckiest…

“But you probably won’t find lucky opportunities if you stay locked in your room.”