a series of small, easy tasks

Matthieu Ricard:

It is said in the Buddhist teachings that there is no task so difficult that it cannot be broken down into a series of small, easy tasks.


what leonardo da vinci was able to do

walter issacson on leonardo da vinci:

What he was able to do is pause, and put things aside, and look at very ordinary things and marvel at them.

some people expend tremendous energy merely to do this

Albert Camus:

Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal.

evil gathers

James Parker:

Evil is not an active principle in this universe; it is a sluggish compound of evasion, appetite, and self-interest. It gathers around your ankles.

the world is a gigantic asshole

martin luther, reformer and priest:

I am like a ripe shit and the world is a gigantic asshole. We will both probably let go of each other soon.

what must the comfortable expert do?

Warren Berger:

“In a time when so much of what we know is subject to revision or obsolescence, the comfortable expert must go back to being a restless learner.”

why are there so many consultants?

henry mintzberg:

“…times of uncertainty in our modern world breed magicians, witch-detectives, and consultants.”