joseph prince and you


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effortless jo and his 15,000 are right there in the middle. the question for you boys and girls is – where the hell are you?

(faithful readers would know that i’m somewhere off the charts, like homer.)

Do not miss effortless jo and the pricessless effortless reduced version bible.


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  1. I googled for Pastor Joseph Prince and came across your site. Obviously the only reason you blog about Joseph Prince is that it brings hits to your website. It’s very sad that you chose to critise someone whose ministry has impacted thousands of lives. Someone whose preaching of the gospel has seen many healed from critical illnesses and set free from all kinds of bondages. If you had some life changing truths to share from the Bible to share (instead of critising other people), perhaps there would be some who would actually listen to what you had to say. The fruits of a ministry will tell if it is from God.

    God bless you.

  2. hi surfer,

    thanks for your blessing, i receive it.

    and thanks for your criticism. unlike some others, i accept criticism and welcome it – always with a laugh and effortlessly.

  3. Dear Surfer,

    If you feel sad about what you read, you can always choose not to read. On the other hand, if you think that a ministry of miracles warrants perfect and unerring doctrine, why don’t you try googling David Brainerd, Willam Branham, Alexander Dowie? Try reading Robert Liardon’s God’s Generals.

    I am feeling sad too. I feel sad that you think my friend is using this to increase his hits. I feel sad that you think the fruits of ministry including healing of the body and not of the soul and the mind. I thank God when I see a miracle and healing, but I also remember that fruits of a ministry is not as one-dimensional as what you assume.

    And I consider what I have just said as a life-changing truth. But if your life (maybe just your mind) is not changed by what I have said, does that mean there’s no fruit? Is fruit based on what you agree with, or what is intrinsically right?

  4. Sir,

    I know you have not been well lately and your committment to defend me touches me deeply.

    Despite your illness, your have written lucidly. We live in a culture where we celebrate health, wealth and well-being. Indeed these are good things, but so is a little suffering, a little disease and a little pain.

    While I wish you get well soon, take some time to be ill, to suffer, to feel pain. I know you adore Fyodor
    Dostoevsky and he suffered a lot in life. But we know his work will be remembered for generations. He will bring more people to God than most of our modern-day “five steps to spirtual fulfillment” kind of writers. His fruit will remain.

    When Dostoevsky died, 40,000 people attended his funeral. “His tombstone reads “Verily, Verily, I say unto you, Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit.” from John 12:24, which is also the epigraph of his final novel, The Brothers Karamazov.”

    In His Time,


  5. Greetings,

    I hail from New Creation Church too.

    To the writer of this Blog, I admire your Blog for reason being that it satisfied some my curiousity in the matters of this Earth and what it means to be Christian in the eyes of men. It brought me great pleasure just reading these recent post about my Pastor. For that I thank you.

    To all who chance upon this comment,I would like to share a little something I found in the Bible. I hold the Bible to be the Absolute Truth. Disputed by many of course(christian or otherwise).Some say it’s written by the hands of Men therefore inaccurate, prone to the visions and personal revelations of those who penned the very Word of God. Others deem it to be God inspired therefore the Absolute Truth.Not to mention the many versions of the modern Bible. Whichever stand point you hail from. Let this be taken literally.

    Romans 3:4(NIV)

    Not at all! Let God be true, and every man a liar. As it is written:
    “So that you may be proved right when you speak
    and prevail when you judge.”[a]

    Yes that includes me, you(the reader),even effortless jo(Joseph Prince) my senior pastor. For at one time or another we have all preached a Truth, but most times we’re just liars.

    Let Jesus Reign… over us.. personally. To Each His Own.



  6. Couldn’t agree more. The center of that chart should read Jesus Christ and all Mankind.

    It’s fairly impossible for you(Homer or otherwise) to stray from the Jesus.

  7. on a further note.. the center of the chart should just read Jesus Christ and You…. the crowd is untruth is it not?

  8. I have been a Christian for a long time but I never really knew what the Gospel of Jesus Christ was until I heard Pastor Joseph Prince preach it.

    May his tribe increase!

  9. I read with amusement,
    why Joseph Prince again?
    His message is very positive and life changing
    some may call him preaching heresy,
    but strange,,,,
    When Benny Hinn came into town and preach what JP had been teaching,,,, the brazen serpent,,, or healing through the Holy communion, nobody condemn it??
    And lately Joyce Meyer too was in town, message on resting in Christ finished work, sin consciousness, heal by the strips… resting and let creativity flows out…. She even use a rocking chair to illustrate…. isn’t this what JP has been teaching all along,,, Rest in the Lord..
    By the way, miracles of body healings and soul happen at New Creation.

  10. The Bible is teaching that Salvation is the finished work of Jesus Christ. God made it possible for you to be save, He sent His Son on Earth to die on the cross for you, He sent the Holy Spirit to convince you that you can be made righteous when you receive God’s gift of salvation, it’s all about Jesus none about you, “For you have been saved by grace through faith, not of works lest any man should boast” Eph 2:8 The redemption is a finished work and Jesus sat on the right hand side of God, meaning it is finished… and you too can rest in Christ… just receive by faith.

  11. Pastor Price’s position on S.377 of the penal code “carnal intercourse against the order of nature”,
    if you mean the above is on gay, lesbian relationship.
    Pastor Prince is strictly against this, he preach against such as it is against what the bible taught. Check this link:
    “Anti-Gay rethorics from Fundamentalist anti-gay Activist”
    Pastor Prince make strong stand against this unnatural relationship.
    He once preached “even nature, Bull know how to go to Cow and produces calf, that where you get beef. Cock goes after Hen, where you get chicken chops and eggs. Indicating even nature knew to select right mate of the opposite sex.
    There is a gay church who wrote to Joseph Prince in protest.

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