buying live chickens in singapore

a small portion of my job involves seeking out strange information for my boss like:

where do you buy egg-laying chickens in singapore? (2014 update: since a lot of people asked, my contact was william, phone number – nine four five zero zero seven five two. it may no longer be valid)

first, i had to find out whether you can even keep chickens in a landed property. i sent an email to AVA and this was their prompt reply:

We wish to inform you that Singaporeans are permitted to keep up to 10 numbers of poultry in their private premises as pets, so long as they are caged or kept in a netted enclosure to prevent contact with wild birds. No licence is required.

next, i called up farms and asked whether they sell live chickens. a nice person at farmart gave me a contact which i called up.

yes, you can buy an egg-laying chicken for about SGD 50. you can’t view it and they will deliver to your location.

just like ordering pizza.


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  1. Hi Is, can I have the person contact number too? I need to buy some for my children. They love chicks.

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