Damian D’Silva

Damian D’Silva is a man I like to meet.

The Business Times featured him yesterday (free to read after 6pm Singapore time) and these are some of his own words:

I cook with a lot of heart, but I’m not a businessman. I’m slowly trying to change, but I know it can be done.

If a recipe calls for pork and I use chicken instead, I swear when I go to sleep my grandfather will come and chop me to death!

I’m a rebel and a loser, but I love it… I think being a loser is more interesting.

This is where he cooks (address updated Oct 2009):

Big D’s Grill Blk 46 Holland Drive, No. 01-359 Tel:+65-96627040


2 thoughts on “Damian D’Silva”

  1. Sir,

    you should be. i especially love the last blue line above. i don’t think he’s a loser but maybe it’s ok the world thinks that he is since he has a different playbook.

    i hope to visit real soon.

    send my very best to your old man.

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