a single FAQ for a single

a single man, like myself, is often asked the following by colleagues, relatives and other assorted enemies:

have you considered _____(insert name of mutually known single welcoming female)?

one of course, could tell the truth (usually no — too scary, too bushy, too noisy) but that would hurt.

one could say “they probably do not want me in the first place (always no — too fat, full of crap and so so scared)”, but i’m experienced enough to know that the people who ask this question are not only deluded but tenacious. they will say, “you’re not” and let you go, they will not.

today, i found a great answer to this question, as i would for all the important answers in life, from a phil collins’ song.

the next time i’m asked, i would say with great feeling:

some day I might find myself looking in her eyes. but for now, we’ll go on living separate lives.


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