131 lavender street

the walk from the lavender mrt station to 131 lavender street is usually solemn.

but i have not had this walk for almost 10 years now and when i finally did some sundays ago, the novelty was a great distraction.

the transit hotels that have sprung up in the last decade were flushed with business and their minuscule lobbies could not hold the lovers awaiting fornication and post-coital snacks procured from nearby convenience stores. they seemed to be mainly foreign workers without access to privacy and legitimate lovemaking and they were taking the spillover in great spirit. this was not their first time.

i reached 131 lavender street and it was time to think about death.


One thought on “131 lavender street”

  1. Wow I never usually walk there, usually pass by by bus. Only time i walk pass there was to eat the hakka food near there. Death and Hakka food, strange combi

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