culture of fear


A 2009 Pew study on the global middle class found that its members are generally supportive of democratic ideas like free speech and competitive elections. Yet experts at Pew and elsewhere say they are often willing to sacrifice those ideals for prosperity…

The developing world’s new consumers may have unleashed tremendous new energy at the checkout counter. But their ability to become a force for better government, greater freedoms, less corruption, and more economic liberty is much less certain.

2 thoughts on “culture of fear”

  1. Well its an idea that most of the people in power had known since the begining of time, which is why the middle class to them is very important.
    There has also been this idea thrown out recently about the chinese government, keeping house prices high to “lock in ” the young generation such that they have no time to worry about anything except money to pay back their house loans. (remind you of something?)

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