3 affordable handymen in Singapore

ST (April 3, 2010):


Apart from providing the usual handyman services, Mr Ricky Lim can assemble furniture and make flower stands for customers.

What: Installation and assembling of household appliances, furniture, lightings, flower stands; hanging of picture frames, paintings, signboards and mirrors; minor rewiring and painting works

Price: $50 an hour, $300 a day (eight hours), $250 a day for two days or more

Contact: Mr Ricky Lim, 9736-9196

A veteran in the repair business, Mr Chew Yan Heng has customers who have passed his contact on to their children.

What: Electrical and plumbing works, installation and repair of home appliances

Price: From $30 for simple plumbing jobs such as replacing taps and pipes

Contact: Mr Chew Yan Heng, 9672-9204

Transport and examination charge of $10 is waived if you get Mr Roger Ng to fix your home-related problem.

What: Repair and maintenance of appliances such as microwave ovens and washing machines; plumbing services; and general electrical works

Price: $10 transport and examination fee, which is waived if the job is assigned; from $40 for minor problems such as repairing microwave ovens, replacing sewage pipes and clearing choked toilet bowls

Contact: Mr Roger Ng, 9021-0505


5 thoughts on “3 affordable handymen in Singapore”

  1. Mr. Ricky is the best, he fixed two of my toilets’ flushing system – complete replacement of the handle flush – within half an hour!

  2. This is my first comment on a public blog, because I feel compelled to do so. Used Roger Ng recently. He was late, slow, doesn’t know how to do the job well, and was reluctant to fix the job (didn’t fix it the second time either). Also took the parts that I provided – these are small parts but this is a reflection of his unprofessionalism.

  3. I have used uncle Ricky for more than 5 years – he is professional and very, very efficient. If he’s a bit brusque on the phone don’t be too offended – he’s probably multitasking and in the middle of another job while taking your phonecall!

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