not just freedom but salvation

Daniel Akst:

Thrift is thus a way to redeem yourself not just from the unsexy bondage of indebtedness but also from subjugation to people and efforts that are meaningless to you, or worse. Debt means staying in a pointless job, failing to support needy people or worthwhile causes, accepting the strings that come with dependence, and gritting your teeth when your boss asks you to do something unethical (instead of saying “drop dead”). Ultimately, thrift delivers not just freedom but salvation…


3 thoughts on “not just freedom but salvation”

  1. I totally disagree with this statement. Many people who are not in debt falls into the second category as well as people who are thrifty.It is not a matter of when it is enough but an issue of what if it is not enough or it is never enough.

  2. i think the author simply means that if you are willing to cut down on your expenses, then it gives you more freedom in taking a job that is more meaningful but pays less, say no to your bosses and do what you really want to do.

    this is true in my case.

  3. Actually that is debatable, cos I am reading him differently, but could also be because i am reading just a portion of the whole thing. I would like to lay out my interpretation, but just took some meds which are causing my brian waves to be shorted out.

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