vacuum cleaner

whoelse uses a vacuum cleaner to vanquish lizards but not roaches cos apparently according to the Guardian, they can survive weeks without their heads.

whoelse does not like headless roaches to roam freely in her $600 vacuum cleaner.

who can blame her?


5 thoughts on “vacuum cleaner”

  1. Okay, you are doing revisionist history on MY story less than 3 days after i told you. Firstly i only suck lizards into my old vacumn,my new vacumn with its clear look through dust container will be sullied by the lizard which i am sure will be dismembered by the sucking action(please no more tentacles linking with that).
    As for roaches, alas i have no big strong men ard me to help banish them, so i rely on my Sheltox, gloves and a wad of toilet rolls to do so, but that is another story for another time.

  2. query: how is this revisionist? i didn’t specify which vacuum cleaner you suck lizards with. and the bit about roaches was what you told me on Sunday (i even checked the guardian reference).

    in any case, i wish you big strong men in your household.

  3. I don’t really need them for hugs or carrying shopping bags, just need them to take out creatures that are not meant to be in a house, limitless use of their credit cards and eye candy.

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