i moved into apartment 1406 on sat.

1406 was also the title of a student film i directed, possibly the worst student film ever, although i reserve the right to be superior than the i-am-so-sad-i-wanna-kill myself and i-am-so-gay-and-sad-and-i-wanna-kill-myself cliches.

the lesson here is that if you’re in film school, make a film about something you like to see happen in your life. suggestions include finding pirate treasure (The Goonies without the evil Fratelli family), having a loving relationship with your pet (Gremlins without the mogwai spawns so you can have a peaceful Christmas or Hachi without you dying prematurely) and finding a quiet woman (The Stepford Wives but with actual humans, no need to be submissive but just quiet and wearing those pretty dresses).


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