Fear brings people together and improves productivity (hurray)

I once spoke publicly against the culture of fear. Now I embrace it wholeheartedly.

And along with it, the PAP.

A report came out earlier this month suggesting that the recession has resulted in a “stronger bond between manager and employee”. Now that things have picked up a bit, CLC’s Q3 Trends report found that “employees’ intent to stay with their organization has now begun to decline”.

Fear brings people together. Even a nation.

When the PAP first came to power, we just became independent and with a uncertain and scary future, people were more willing to swallow their draconian tough policies. But after some good times, Singaporeans have gone soft, whiny and simply ungrateful.

Which is why we need the march to keep fear alive.

As a newly-minted PAP supporter, I hate to admit that Mr. Goh has to accept a bit of the blame for this unacceptable Singaporean fluffiness. His speech on the “swiss standard of living” caused Singaporeans to have some crazy ideas. And it was during his leadership that We are Singapore was written for National Day with that erroneous line “There was a time when people thought that Singapore won’t make it, but we did”.


(If we did, the PAP government didn’t have to work so hard to cause the huge income inequality, didn’t have to stoop so low to come to the level of some third-rate, sickly British writer, and Mr. Lee didn’t have to make his Father’s house two dens of thieves gamblers.)

(By the way, We are Singapore was written by a Canadian and this is proof again of a Western conspiracy designed to bring down Singapore – this deserves another post really).

Luckily for us, Mr. Goh’s reign was relatively brief and in his place, we finally had the leader we deserved, a Great Leader who wasn’t afraid to fix the opposition.

Under Mr. Lee, it’s less peaches and cream now and more punishments and screams. And just look at us, aren’t we in great shape? Everything is growing except our income (but don’t worry, Temasek is making money for the rest of us).

Still, there are many ways we can improve. Singaporeans aren’t scared anymore and that’s worrying. Instead of keeping their heads down, mouth shuts and working hard, they are brandishing words like democratic society, justice, equality, happiness, prosperity and progress. What gave them these crazy, un-Singaporean ideas?

Just look at sites like The Online Citizen with their many articles and FB updates. Don’t these people work? Now you know why our productivity is so low? There are ways to tackle both dissent and low productivity with one fell swoop – labour camps. And this is something we need to seriously consider on the march to keep fear alive… but only after the pre-election “promises” we make and break.

To be continued…


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