you were educated in singapore? your english is excellent!!!

last night, over dinner…

j: you were educated in singapore? your english is excellent!!!

two thoughts came to my mind.

1. where got?

2. singaporeans english so bad meh?

this morning, i received an email from a singaporean vendor on behalf of a rather prestigious expensive american university in response to my online query.

allow me to reproduce the choicest bits (i have retained the original formatting as much as possible):

1. Dear kim

2. Welcome.. & Thank you for shortlisted XXX; XXX program in XXX as your choice.
Herewith, Please see enclosed the vital information. Fyi; Please feel free and you are most welcome to made an appointment with me…

3. Point to note;
As a matter of fact, the world of work is changing.

4. An I-O psychologist are able to assist in personnel staffing…

5. Besides this, XXX program are emphasising on practitioner-focused learning…

6. Overall, Organizational Psychology & HR program can be useful i.e incorporated into daily decision making or in actual fact
apply it for more effective management… (i: thank god it can be useful)

7. Proud to share; Some of our alumni and current students portfolios:

8. In general, assessment mode are comprises of…

9. However, certain modules does not have any exam, but are comprises of class presentation, group discussion and bring home assignments… (i: bring home assignments remind me of the lady in good morning vietnam who thought that a home run means running home with the ball).

10. Thus, for cost savings, I implore those who are keen to take up the XXX to do so for this coming Dec 2010 intake as this will be the final intake before the GST component sets in next year.

so here are my thoughts:

1. who the fuck is kim? 아파요

2. need i go on?


One thought on “you were educated in singapore? your english is excellent!!!”

  1. I get this a lot when I am overseas. i even got that from two Singaporeans when I was working for Lexus car exhibition in London…..

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