A Major Crime

the Major Crime Division is investigating Singaporeans for selling a book that actually isn’t banned.

this of course augers well for Singapore.

it means that books are taken very seriously in singapore. so i’m hopeful that we’re edging closer to the day when The Almost Complete Collection Of True Singapore Ghost Stories Volumes 14, 11, 16, 15 cease dominating the list of most borrowed local books at the library.

and who knows in the future we may be the first country in the world to have grammar police that wears blue and carries a Tarus 85 (If you insist on using the words “learnings” and “touch base”, I may be forced to shoot).

it also means that if the Major Crime Division can spare the time to investigate such a nothing “crime”, there really isn’t much for them to do in the first place. of course, if selling books is a major crime, what is a minor crime? wearing polo shirts?

a world without polo shirts is surely a beautiful thing and it will happen as long as we continue to stand idly by.


One thought on “A Major Crime”

  1. Polo t-shirts are fine, as long as the wearer keeps their collar down, lessen usage of hair gel and lose those sunglasses.

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