D A:

Thank you for sharing this post … but it all means nothing when you don’t have someone providing for you or are independently wealthy to enable you to be free to dedicate your time to exploring, reading, thinking, writing, creating. A person can’t last more than a few days without sufficient good food and uninterrupted night’s sleeps in a home, a safe place sheltered from the elements. I, too, have talent – but need to work at a job to provide for my body’s needs, as I have no one to save me from this waste, drudgery or “selling out” as some like to call it. There are countless more in the same circumstances. There is no shame in providing for oneself and not being a burden on someone else; countless have incredible inner strength borne of love, quietly demonstrated day after day, receiving no recognition or reward other than the little money paid in recompense for their labour. Certainly thriving in any social context can be wonderful (given an uncorrupted system/organization in which to devote one’s brilliance and energy) – but love – the greatest and purest art – is richer than anything this world can offer and, having no regard for the society that seduces into giving up its riches, the heart sustains life in ways nothing else ever can.


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