this time, it’s personal


changes are due.

it’s been a while since i’ve actively blogged. i had lost interest and there is also this little thing called Facebook. the attractive thing about Facebook is that you get more feedback, and some friends find it easier to read and comment since they use it regularly. you don’t actually write on Facebook, but it’s a way of connecting, just as this blog is. besides, i’ve been using this blog to capture notes more often than not, as opposed to laying out my most evil and unedifying thoughts.

for a long time, i have avoided the route of persuading, expounding and offering my personal opinion, at least directly. it’s not easy to explain why but in short, i was tired of people trying to  persuade me and telling me what to think. and i found people, that includes myself, to be awful listeners who listen for what they want to hear so they can use it to justify their own beliefs.

i still believe that. just like i believe i am full of contradictions. which is why today, i have renamed my blog from “this is premium writing, no?” to “this time, it’s personal”. which means i will opinionate. and write regularly.

if not, please kick my ass.

2 thoughts on “this time, it’s personal”

  1. nice new format sir. welcome back. why the cat?
    u should put up a photo of milou for yr wallpaper.
    just a suggestion.

  2. thank you sir for your kind words and suggestion. i like the cat. i like grimy walls. it’s one of my favourite pictures from my last trip. when you say wallpaper, do you mean the background? i will try to leave it plain. plain is good sir.

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