bridge of spies

FBI Agent Hoffman
We need to know what the Russian was telling you. Don’t go all boy scout on me. We don’t have a rule book here…

James Donovan
I’m Irish, and you’re German. But what makes us both Americans? Just one thing… one, only one. The rule book . We call it the Constitution, and we agree to the rules. And that’s what makes us Americans. It’s all that makes us Americans, so don’t tell me there’s no rule book and don’t nod at me like that, you son of a bitch.


James Donovan
It doesn’t matter what people think. You know what you did.


you won’t learn much but it’s ok

the NYT describes the documentary on Harry Dean Stanton as such:

“You won’t learn much, but you’ll be strangely happy that you didn’t.”

in response, Harry Dean Stanton said:

“She got it… That’s a very Buddhist thing to say.”

the search continues

Roger Ebert:

Some traditions remain (at Cannes). Before every screening at the Auditorium Debussy, for example, someone in the dark is sure to call out “Raoul!” There’s laughter and a little buzz as old-timers explain to their neighbors that once in dim antiquity a moviegoer entered after the lights went down, was unable to find his friend, and shouted out “Raoul!” The search continues.

supporting artists

The Telegraph on extras:

… (Ben Hur) features a trumpet-playing extra who forgot to take his watch off.

…(Gandhi‘s) funeral sequence alone required 300,000 extras.

In Gladiator, they used 2,000 live actors to create a digital crowd of about 35,000 people.

One big-mouthed extra working on Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull spilt all the film’s major plot points when he was interviewed by his hometown newspaper in Oklahoma, even though he had signed a nondisclosure agreement. A ‘furious’ Steven Spielberg then got his own back by cutting the extra’s only scene.