a reply that will satisfy almost everyone

darrell huff:

Author Louis Bromfield is said to have a stock reply to critical correspondents when his mail becomes too heavy for individual attention. Without conceding anything and without encouraging further correspondence, it still satisfies almost everyone. The key sentence: “There may be something in what you say.”

magic hour, july 2017

one should walk more, especially in the evening.

when I say one, I mean I.

magic hour, july 2017.

but this is not an authoritative textbook

Eric Hoffer:

“The reader is expected to quarrel with much that is said in this part of the book. He is likely to feel that much has been exaggerated and much ignored. But this is not an authoritative textbook. It is a book of thoughts, and it does not shy away from half-truths so long as they seem to hint at a new approach and help to formulate new questions. “To illustrate a principle,” says Bagehot, “you must exaggerate much and you must omit much.

Manchester Mourns, May 2017

Manchester Mourns_May 2017-67

Manchester Mourns, May 2017

don’t waste any time trying to be like anybody else

from ben platt’s acceptance speech:

the things that make you strange are the things that make you powerful.

the truth after a pause

anne lamott on truths she learnt:

almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes…

…including you.

in british english

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