how to make your life bigger?

tim cook:

I found my life got bigger when I stopped caring about what people thought of me.


what is your internal critic most frightened of?

paul gilbert:

“If you ask someone, ‘What is your internal critic most frightened of?’ [you will find] it’s frightened of rejection, of being seen as no good. Of being unlovable, of not being wanted. All the raging that goes on beneath us, the thing that we fear most is shame – not being good enough or wanted. We are frightened of being revealed to be not so nice.”

i’m bad at this

chimamanda ngozi adichie:

Think of people as people, not as abstractions who have to conform to bloodless logic but as people—fragile, imperfect with prides that can be wounded and hearts that can be touched. Literature is my religion. I have learned from literature that we humans are flawed, all of us are flawed, but even while we are flawed, we are capable of enduring goodness.

this is what you should always feel – until you die


In both interviews he spoke about how, at Dortmund, he did not show his team videos of Barcelona scoring beautiful goals. Instead, he showed them “photographs of Messi and his team-mates celebrating every goal like it’s the first they’ve ever scored. I don’t use videos because I don’t copy Barça’s style. But you see them celebrate goal number 5,868 like they’ve never scored before. This is what you should always feel – until you die.”