it’s time to jump

oliver cromwell:

A man never rises so high as when he knows not whither he is going.


LA vs. NY

john krasinski:

On the weekend A Quiet Place opened to an astounding $50 million domestic box office in April, setting a record for an original horror film, Krasinski says he was glad he no longer lives in Los Angeles, where theatrical grosses are regular dinner party conversation. Instead, he got feedback from a garbage collector who drove by as the couple were walking Hazel to school Monday morning. “The guy was riding on the truck, jumped off the truck, grabbed a bag, and as the truck was pulling away threw the bag on and he was like, ‘Saw it on Sunday. Scared the shit out of me,’ and drove away,” Krasinski says.

that’s what it’s called

tim harford:

A serious forecaster will soon be confronted by the gaps in his or her knowledge. In 2002, psychologists Leonid Rozenblit and Frank Keil coined the phrase “the illusion of explanatory depth”. If you ask people to explain how a flush lavatory actually works (or a helicopter, or a sewing machine) they will quickly find it is hard to explain beyond hand-waving. Most parents discover this when faced by questions from curious children.

your mind does not generate a problem for you to solve

james clear:

Craving is about wanting to fix everything. Observation without craving is the realization that you do not need to fix anything. Your desires are not running rampant. You do not crave a change in state. Your mind does not generate a problem for you to solve. You’re simply observing and existing.