not with great projects, not with great theories

Erich Fromm:

“…whoever tries to begin very simply, not with great projects, not with great theories, but very directly and simply to devote every day half an hour to just trying to feel, to sense what goes on in him or her yesterday—then you will slowly learn to discover lots of things.”


in eight easy lessons

Erich Fromm:

“Nothing that is worthwhile can be done or learnt without any effort, and even without some sacrifice, without discipline. The whole idea of learning to play music or anything else in eight easy lessons is just to get people’s money out of their pockets. ”

we should let reality overwhelm us

bob dylan:

People have a hard time accepting anything that overwhelms them.

a long-standing spiritual adviser said this

new yorker:

I met a long-standing spiritual adviser to Suu Kyi, Dhamma Piya, at a monastery in Yangon, where he is the abbot. He deplored the influence of Buddhist extremists and spoke proudly of the role that monks had played in every freedom movement since colonial times. “Young people don’t understand anything except hating Muslims,” he complained. However, he went on to say, “The truth is that many kalar”—a pejorative epithet for Muslims—“don’t know how to act well, because they don’t have good education. Their behavior can be a little aggressive.” When I asked what kind of behavior he was referring to, he said that they often blocked traffic.

users are always right, while we need to improve ourselves

the conference board:

Zhang (Ruimin) was only 35 when he was asked to lead the Quindao General Refrigerator Factory, where product quality was a major problem. When a user complained about a defective refrigerator, he ordered an inspection of the warehouse. In all, 76 refrigerators were found to be sub-par. Each faulty appliance was labeled with its exact defect and the name of the employee responsible. Zhang called together the entire workforce to watch as first he picked up a sledgehammer and dealt a smashing blow to one refrigerator, and then each of the implicated factory workers followed suit until the machines were destroyed.

That story captures the role of leaders in shaping their company’s culture. It also conveys corporate values that, thirty years later, are still the bedrock of Haier’s culture. “Users Are Always Right, While We Need to Improve Ourselves,” is at the top of the company’s values statement.

two things that human beings don’t do well

amy edmondson:

Two things that human beings don’t do well are thinking about the future and thinking about the collective.

life becomes just so much more straightforward

satya nadella:

“Saying, ‘Well, I’m waiting for the next job to do my best work’ is the worst trap… If you say, ‘The current job I have is everything I ever wanted,’ life becomes just so much more straightforward.”